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Tuesday, 4/16/19
Genealogy Workshop
This course will guide you on the best practices for researching your Irish ancestors, from uncovering invaluable record sets to utilizing free resources online that bring you closer to your heritage.
Thursday, 4/11/19
Lecture/Panel Discussion
This event will be rescheduled in Fall 2019. Through the story of a portrait of a woman in a silk dress, historian Zara Anishanslin explores and refines debates about the cultural history of the 18th-century British Atlantic world.
Tuesday, 4/2/19
In the 1790s, in the midst of the Haitian Revolution, hundreds of slaveholders relocated from Santo Domingo to Philadelphia, bringing their slaves with them. Under the guidance of historian Scott Heerman, you’ll use historical maps and documents to rethink what it meant to be enslaved at this time and reexamine what it meant to be an abolitionist.
Tuesday, 4/2/19
Teacher Workshop

In the 1790s, self-liberated slaves in Haiti fought for their independence from French colonial rule. While the Haitian people ultimately won their independence, hundreds of slaveholders fled from Santo Domingo to Philadelphia during the conflict, bringing their slaves with them and perpetuating their captivity.

Thursday, 3/28/19
Lecture/Panel Discussion
Chinese restaurants, Korean dry cleaners, Vietnamese nail salons: the phenomenon of immigrant work clusters is pervasive enough to elicit both stereotypes and serious study. What’s driving immigrants to these particular industries with long hours and low pay? We’ll bring together a panel of Philadelphians to share their own experiences.
Saturday, 3/16/19
Enjoy breakfast, in-depth genealogy courses for beginners and intermediate researchers, and take advantage of one-on-one service with our librarians and family history experts. This free event is open to Friends of HSP and graduates of Foundations of Genealogy I or II.
Thursday, 3/14/19
The 1800s and early 1900s were an era of both headway and urgency in Philadelphia, with nationally-known figures like Frederick Douglass and W.E.B. Du Bois agitating for equality alongside Philadelphians like Octavius Catto and Emiliee Davis. Join the Young Friends Board for a free special viewing of curated documents from this era, and hear from black history researchers about the historical significance of these items.
Tuesday, 3/12/19
Special Event
Celebrate Women’s History Month with a living history performance that pays homage the United States’ Teacher in Space program and the crew of NASA’s Space Shuttle. Suitable for all ages.
Wednesday, 3/6/19
Genealogy Workshop
Foundations of Genealogy I is perfect for beginning and experienced family historians alike. The 8-week course will train participants in effective research methods, how to understand different types of historical documents, and how to utilize online resources to uncover their family story.
Tuesday, 3/5/19
Genealogy Workshop
Learn the basics of DNA research as well as its limitations in this instructive course for genealogists, which will equip participants with the knowledge necessary to integrate this exciting area of science into their own family research.
Saturday, 3/2/19
This summer HSP and Taller Puertorriqueño will launch an online exhibition about the development of distinct Puerto Rican neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Join us to provide feedback on the in-progress exhibition!
Thursday, 2/28/19
Special Event

Join HSP's Young Friends at Goose Island's Philly Brewhouse for beer, small plates, and food for thought.