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Deep Roots, Continuing Legacy

2015-01-08 11:18

This week, History Making Productions unveiled its new poster “Deep Roots, Continuing Legacy: Philadelphia in the Struggle for Civil Rights” that seeks to inspire and encourage people to be proud of Philadelphia’s history. The poster is a new project from HMP, the documentary film company that strives to share Philadelphia’s rich history through the powerful medium of film. They hope that the poster will encourage Philadelphia residents to delve into our fascinating, and continuous role in the fight for equal rights. Many of the events depicted on the poster are also featured in their film series, Philadelphia: The Great Experiment. These films are available at no cost and online at

HSP is proud to say that we are one of the many cultural partner organizations to lend our resources to the project. Some of the sources by Octavius Catto, William Still, Richard Allen, and the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, are found here at HSP and are available for teacher use and featured in many of our unit plans.

For more information, teaching ideas, and primary sources related to the topics illustrated in the poster please visit In addition, many of these topics will again be discussed in the upcoming Created Equal Series and Genius of Freedom Teacher Workshop. (Teachers attending the latter will receive a free copy.) Please check out our calendar for dates and details.

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