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Saturday, 11/12/16
Teacher Workshop

The Second World War was about patriotism, community, and sacrifice for both the men and women abroad and those at home. With the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor this December, this workshop will discuss ways to incorporate the stories of Philadelphians during the war into classroom lesson plans.

Thursday, 11/10/16

Join the Young Friends of HSP as they throwback Philadelphia's proud sports history!

A one night pop-up document display will feature images from our historic sports collection including baseball, rowing, bicycling, basketball, football, and track and field.

Show up wearing throwback sports attire OR your favorite jersey for a chance to win a prize!

We're tailgating, so expect fierce competition over cornhole and suds from two of Philly's favorites: Yards Brewing Co. and Philadelphia Brewing Co., and malt beverages from Quaker City Malting Co.

Tuesday, 11/8/16

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, HSP will display a selection of letters, photographs, ephemera, and printed materials documenting Philadelphians’ varied reactions to the event.

Wednesday, 10/26/16
Genealogy Workshop

Google Earth is only one example of geographic information available online. The internet contains several projects featuring spatial and historical data which can assist with genealogical research.

Thursday, 10/20/16

One of the prevalent themes found in early literature that focuses on the immigrant experience is that of assimilation and identity. Often, the reader is introduced to a main protagonist, who in his metaphorical journey from youth to adulthood, struggles with the beliefs and traditions of the old world, contradicting those of the new.  However, the struggle of identity is no longer limited to assimilation as it also highlights themes of race, gender, and sexuality.  

Monday, 10/17/16
Teacher Workshop

National History Day (NHD) is a great program to help students in grades 6-12 practice research and critical thinking skills, elements important to their future in the workplace and school.  This workshop is for teachers who have worked with the NHD program before as well as those who would like to learn about it for the first time. 

Thursday, 10/6/16
Teacher Workshop

The two-hour workshop will provide teachers with in-depth background on the rich history of Germantown, as represented by five exceptional historic and cultural museums. It will provide for teachers and students to explore this multicultural study of community history throughout the school year.

Wednesday, 10/5/16
Lecture/Panel Discussion

For those who think the current presidential election is a strange one, join HSP as we take a look back at the 1856 contest, perhaps the most consequential election in our nation’s history. There were two new parties: the Republicans and the Know-Nothings. The Republicans nominated a celebrity involved in land development with no elective experience, while the Know-Nothings had as their major party plank stopping immigration and even sending some immigrants back to their home country. The third party, the Democrats, nominated an old face with vast governmental experience.

Tuesday, 9/27/16

Debates about immigration and citizenship have played a major role in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. To complement our fall publications, this document display will highlight some of HSP’s collections on immigrant cultures, communities, reception, and acculturation from the 1700s to the present day.

Wednesday, 9/7/16
Teacher Workshop

In conjunction with Temple University, HSP is excited to host a new series of interactive courses from Independence to Civil Rights. Teachers, expand your horizons with new stories and resources from the vaults of HSP through online lectures, webinars, and interactive discussions with expert panels. The course is designed around four modules and graduate credit is available.

Tuesday, 8/9/16

In conjunction with the opening of Philadelphia's Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this display will explore the local history of Mormonism in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Pennsylvania in general continues to be a tremendously important part of the LDS church. It was at Harmony, Pa., where 15 sections of the Doctrine and Covenant book of scripture were written (now Oakland Township, Susquehanna County). Additionally, the priesthood restoration site where Joseph Smith and his wife resided continues to be a sacred place to members of the church. 

Tuesday, 8/2/16

Take a walk through colonial and revolutionary Philadelphia with the man who knows the city just as well as he knew it two hundred and fifty years ago. Visit the places where Ben Franklin made a name for himself as a printer, inventor, and statesman, and hear about it firsthand with all the wit Ben is famous for. Come along with Ben to see the sights of historic Philadelphia, including the Liberty Bell, colonial Christ Church, and Independence Hall, and walk in the footsteps of the convicts Ben Franklin once hired to carry him there for the Constitutional Convention in 1787.