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New Titles Added to the Historic Culinary Collection

2014-07-17 12:58

HSP has a expanding selection of historic cookbooks and books on food and cooking. Below is a sampling of some titles that were recently cataloged and are now available for research. Click on the links for more information from our online catalog Discover.

Food Facts by Better Homes and Gardens

PAM TX 714 .H21 no. 11

Favorite Recipes by Arrow Liqueurs Corp.

PAM TX 714 .H21 no. 12

Fleischmann’s Mixer’s Manual by Fleischmann Distilling Corp.

PAM TX 951 .F5 1960z

You’re Really Cooking When You’re Cooking with Seven-Up! by Seven-Up!

PAM TX 817 .C65 S48 1957

Here’s How by Stouffer’s

TX 951 .h547 1962

Irvin S. Cobb’s Own Recipe Book

PAM TX 951 .C6 1936

Vedge by Rich Landau & Kate Jacoby

TX 801 .L297 2013

American Game Cooking by John Ash and Sid Goldstein

TX 751 .A79 1991

Preserving by the Pint by Maris McClellan

TX 601 .M277 2014

Food in Jars by Maris McClellan

TX 601 .M26 2011

Culinary Ephemera by William Woys Weaver

GT 2853 .U5 W43 2010


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