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New Books Added to the HSP Historic Culinary Arts Collection

2013-08-29 11:55

HSP's collection of books relating to culinary history has been growing by leaps and bounds! Whather you're researching the history of the culinary arts or just interesting in historic cooking, we might have just the book(s) for you. Click on the links for more information on each title from our online catalog Discover.

The Shaker Cookbook

TX 715 .P547 2001

The Monticello Cook Book

TX 715 .U7 1950

Cooking with Sweet’N Low

PAM RM 222.2 C665 1965

Old Fitzgerald Holiday Recipes

PAM TX 723 .O43 1963

96 Home Tested Unusual Old World and American Recipes

PAM TX 771 .N56

The Ground Meat Cookbook

PAM TX 749 .G86 1955

The Herbs of Christmas by Betsy Williams

PAM TX  714 .H31 no. 1

Thomas Jefferson’s Cook Book by Marie Kimball

Gj .461

Secrets from Pocono Kitchens

TX 715 .A33 no. 18

Fannie’s Favorites: Meat

TX 715 .A33 no. 19

Feeding the Flock

TX 715 .A33 no. 20

MANNA In the Wilderness of AIDS

TX 715 .A33 no. 21

Great Tastes of Pennsylvania Cookbook

TX 715 .A33 no. 22

Julie Dannenbaum’s Creative Cooking School

TX 715 .A33 no. 23

Philadelphia Stories: A Dining Out for Life Cookbook

TX 715 .A33 no. 24

Philadelphia, USA: A Land of Enterprise

TX 715 .A33 no. 25

Cook’s Book: 200 Years of Entrees

TX 715 .A33 no. 26

Junior League of Philadelphia’s Bicentennial Cookbook

TX 715 .A33 no. 27

What’s Cooking at the Library?: Recipes Long Overdue

TX 715 .A33 no. 28

Bountiful Bucks County by Mary Mathers and Mary McCaw

TX 715 .A33 no. 29

Dining In-Philadelphia

TX 715 .A33 no. 30

Head Chef’s Recipes from Your Favorite Restaurants, v. II

TX 715 .A33 no. 31

To Market, To Market: Philadelphia’s Italian Market by Felicity Taormina and Irina Smith

TX 715 .A33 no. 32

German-Missouri Cookbook of “Duden Country”

TX 715 .A33 no. 33

What’s Cooking in Philadelphia

TX 715 .A33 no. 34

University City Cooks!

TX 715 .A33 no. 35


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